Our Story

Ojai Origins

The Art & Love of Cooking​

Growing up in Ojai, California, at an early age, I learned the art and love of cooking from my mother and grandmother. I was so fortunate because my grandmother lived only 2 miles from my childhood home.

On the way home after school, I would stop by her house so we could cook together. I so fondly remember her making me her famous yams wrapped in foil and smothered in butter, and her wonderful wilted salad using Romaine, Spinach Salad that included bacon grease!

At the age of 17, I was offered a small one bedroom rental home in the downtown area of Ojai. I decided to take the offer and moved out of my parent’s home.

I cooked for all my high school friends and began to experiment and create my own seasoning blend.

Birth of the Blends

Seasoning brings out the Flavors

In 1982, I moved to Atascadero, California, built my home and continued cooking and testing my blend. I was able to identity different tastes people enjoyed so I continued to experiment.

In the late 80's I began a cow/calf operation running cattle on 5,000 acres. I would invite fellow cattleman from several counties to help gather and brand the cattle. In appreciation of their help, I provided them with a meal.

The ranchers truly enjoyed the food and always complimented me on how the seasoning would bring out the flavors of the meat and vegetables.

Growing the Brand

Sharing the Love

Over the years, I gave away my blends away in mason jars to family, friends and colleagues, always receiving praise and positive feedback.

With encouragement from Tony DeGarimore and Eric Gonzales, owners of Pier 46 Seafood Restaurant/Market and Knoll at Farm Supply, I decided to market my blends. I gave the first case of Bren’s Original and Spicy Blend to Eric at Pier 46.

I eventually offered four unique blends: Original, Spicy, Smokey, and Savory. They have been so popular, we are on over 35 shelves on California’s central coast.

Today, I also have a South West Blend for our fajita, burrito and taco lovers and we just came out with our first-ever Holiday Blend – a unique blend with our very own poultry seasonings for all your holiday dishes.


Let It Pour

Bren's continues to grow. I partnered with local wineries for special seasonings exclusively for their members.

In 2024, Bren's was re-introduced with new branding and packaging, as well as increased online availability, straight to your door.

I provide my customers with a product that is always fresh. No Preservatives, No MSG, and is Gluten Free. 

I hope you'll give them all a try!

—Bren Randolph